Welcome to Lonesome Cowgirl Comics!

Follow the adventures of photographer Lonesome Cowgirl as she ventures out from her hometown of Twentynine Palms, California to learn about foreign lands and familiar human terrain across America and around the world.

Book one – Lonesome Star: Lonesome’s friend Barabara receives a letter from dear Uncle Rusty Rubble in Fort Worth, Texas, revealing that her cousin is missing. Barabara, ever the optimist with pockets and socks full of holes, cajoles Lonesome to join along for a long ride out to Texas in a “borrowed” car.  The road trip takes the two friends through barren dust-filled West Texas witnessing through the bug-splattered windshield a story of friendships and families as varied as the American southwest.

Book two – The Mystery of Tik Tak To: Lonesome Cowgirl, photographer from Mojave Desert, California, receives her first big magazine assignment – to capture the Hong Kong cultural desert. Problem is, there’s no desert, and she’s got exactly four days to figure out what a cultural desert looks like.

The afterword (or aftermath) – Story of the Lonesome Cowgirl: Lonesome Cowgirl reflects upon the path riddled with mistakes and surprises that brought her to a life of adventures as a photographer.