California Joy is an American comics artist and creator of the online graphic novel series “Lonesome Cowgirl Comics”.

Rather than pursue her love of arts and creative writing, California had, earlier in life, taken on the cowardly pursuit of architecture, believing it would allow her to work in an artistic environment, afford a strong cup of coffee, and gain the respect and admiration of mankind.

Oh, how wrong she was.

So, salvaging her soul in the only way she knew other than through 12-year single malts, California threw herself into the creation of a comic book series, working into the late hours at the office, with the bright moon over Gotham City as her co-conspirator, whispering to her words and witticisms through the dusty soot-stained double-hung windows.

These days, having given up coffee and the pursuit of respect and admiration, California revels in her more illustrious and collarless career as a comics artist.

California Joy can be reached at info (at) lonesomecowgirlcomics (dot) com.


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